About Us


The mission of the Shaanti Bhavan Mandir is to be committed to the practice and preservation of Sanatan Dharma. We will achieve this by providing an environment for congregational worship, by creating a familial atmosphere for all who attend, by enhancing the spiritual lives of all who seek it, through the teachings and principles of our scriptures. The Shaanti Bhavan Mandir will promote the teachings of Hinduism through religious, cultural, and educational pursuits. We will cultivate faith by providing a platform for humanitarian services to the local, national and international community. Furthermore, we will consistently strive to be a home of peace, love, and divinity.

“Be Simple, Be a Sample, Be an Example”

“Let the mandirs, the temples, be a place where people can come to feel comforted, protected and feel some sense of worth within their life”

– Shri Prakash Gossai


The Shaanti Bhavan Mandir was a notion in Pandit Manoj (Deokarran) Jadubans’s mind that lingered but finally came to reality on January 1, 2013, with the blessings of the great lord, the support of ardent devotees and the inspiration of his late Guru, Shri Prakash Gossai.


Opening the doors to the abode of peace was a calling and dream of Pt. Manoj.  He endeavors to impart the teachings of his late Guru: to live a life of love, humility, simplicity and open mindedness. 


We inspire our community by increasing their confidence, helping them connect to others, and encouraging them to challenge themselves. We accomplish this through our NMYG and our Seva with our community partners.

“Aspire for Peace by Prayers”